"trouble maker"

Melinda Shore mshore at cisco.com
Mon Jun 23 11:37:28 CEST 2003

> So, why are we avoiding stating P1 and instead trying to frame it at 
> one/two degree removed problem of P4 to P7? Why?

To be clear, we're not avoiding it.  We're talking about
it.  I'm just really not that sure that it's useful to
identify "obstructive individuals" as a problem - to me that
feels a little like identifying the considerable distance
from Ithaca to Vienna as a problem.  Human behavior is
pretty much of a given, I think, and it's how well we
cope with it that is or is not a problem.  It's really not a
question of being candid, but of keeping the document
focused and producing something that we can act upon.

I'm going to create a ticket in the RT database derived from
your initial post, but while I agree there's a big problem
here I still don't agree with your exact formulation of it.


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