The need for smaller protocol specifications

Keith Moore moore at
Wed Jun 11 17:27:33 CEST 2003

> PROBLEM: The IETF process to reach PS cannot support time-to-market
> requirements.

can you defend this statement?  it's not clear to me why this should be 
the case, or at least is seems too vague as written.  what is it about 
either the 2026 criteria for PS or
our current practice that inherently "cannot" support such requirements?

(now it should be clear that it's not always possible to develop a 
standard in time to suit a deployment window - sometimes the market has 
unreasonable demands - but that doesn' t mean that we "cannot" do so in 

> PROBLEM: The IETF process to complete specifications puts to many
> features in those initial specifications.

again - what is it about our process that does this?  I've seen several 
WGs manage to avoid putting features in their initial specifications 
when they could be added later, so as far as I can tell, the IETF 
process has no problems with this.

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