The need for smaller protocol specifications

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OK.  It is hard to not enter solution space.

PROBLEM: The IETF process to reach PS cannot support time-to-market
[The current wording we have is good but this can be sub bullet under it
as direct problem we could try to fix later in the solution space]

PROBLEM: The IETF process to complete specifications puts to many
features in those initial specifications. [This would be sub bullet
again above].

These are problems in the IETF per this mail list.

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> > Chairs I have to ask where are you at with the above two bullets if 
> > adopted they clearly require a change and action by the IESG.
> The charter is very specific in excluding defining solutions 
> from the scope of our work.  To the extent that solutions 
> have been discussed here it's been 1) to help frame our 
> understanding of the problems, and 2) to try to figure out 
> what to do about "short-term" problems that can be fixed 
> without the overhead involved with starting up a new working 
> group.  The latter certainly excludes any kind of IESG restructuring.
> Allow me to point out that the more focused we remain on our 
> two documents the more quickly we can get them wrapped up and 
> move on to whatever solutions phase/process/what-have- you 
> we've identified.
> Melinda

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