The need for smaller protocol specifications

Scott W Brim swb at
Wed Jun 11 12:00:21 CEST 2003

On Wed, Jun 11, 2003 10:41:58AM -0400, Margaret Wasserman allegedly wrote:
> How so?
> Do you have some reason to believe that there are small groups of
> people that can effectively push something through the IETF that
> don't include a few SIRs?
> If a few positive SIR reviews lead to lower scrutiny by the IESG,
> then SIRs might actually make it easier for a small group of
> people to push something through.  Note that I don't necessarily
> consider this to be a bad thing...

[swb inches his way around the solutions lagoon ...]

I tend to trust the IESG, and I have yet to see an incarnation of it
which I would call stupid.  If the SIRS reviewers are selected from a
narrow pool, perhaps all participants in the WG in the first place, that
might lead to even more scrutiny.  In any case it wouldn't be less.

I agree with the problem as originally stated, that many documents don't
get enough review, especially with what they expect from other

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