The need for smaller protocol specifications

Margaret Wasserman mrw at
Wed Jun 11 11:41:58 CEST 2003

Hi Scott,

At 10:24 AM 6/11/2003 -0400, Scott W Brim wrote:
>On Wed, Jun 11, 2003 07:31:36AM +0200, Patrik Fältström allegedly wrote:
> > The overall problem I think is that in general people in the IETF don't
> > spend enough time reviewing documents and architectures. One small
> > group of people which soooo much want something done, something which
> > makes sense from their perspective write a draft, and "push it through
> > the system". The only real pushing today which is needed is the
> > creation of a working group.
>\${leadsto} ... SIRS

How so?

Do you have some reason to believe that there are small groups of
people that can effectively push something through the IETF that
don't include a few SIRs?

If a few positive SIR reviews lead to lower scrutiny by the IESG,
then SIRs might actually make it easier for a small group of
people to push something through.  Note that I don't necessarily
consider this to be a bad thing...


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