MINOR ISSUE: Change focus from image to effectiveness

Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at alvestrand.no
Wed Jun 11 16:00:58 CEST 2003

Section 2.1 of -issue-, last paragraph, says:

   The IETF creates standards and is therefore necessarily a Standards
   Development Organization (SDO) but many participants would like to
   differentiate the IETF and its way of working from the 'conventional'
   SDOs which emphasize corporate involvement and mandated delegates.
   Externally, the IETF is often placed in the same bracket as these
   conventional SDOs, especially by detractors, because the
   differentiation in the IETF's mission and processes and the rationale
   for those differences are not clear.  This can lead to the IETF being
   shown in a poor light or communications between SDOs not being

ISSUE: This paragraph brings the IETF "being shown in a poor light" as a 
problem. This should not be a core problem.

SUGGESTED RESOLUTION: Reformulate the last sentence to say that "This can 
lead to the IETF being misunderstood by other SDOs, which can make 
communication with other SDOs less effective, harming the IETF's ability to 
achieve its mission".

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