The need for smaller protocol specifications

Randy Bush randy at
Tue Jun 10 18:37:39 CEST 2003

> 1.  Bob Hinden suggested an idea for time to market.  Not one IESG
> person said this is a good idea not as IESG person but folks who have
> IESG experience.

'timely' was one of the ajdectives in the terse iesg statement of the
ietf's mission.

> 2.  Charlie gives below I think accurate description at a minimum a
> problem we face. Again no IESG response here.

a formal iesg response would take two years as it would have to pass
iab and isoc review :-)

and, by now you will have seen a number of responses.  folk are just
busy.  e.g., i was on a plane over the pacific.  patience, guy.

i think harald said it well, and i will paraphrase.  yes, protocols
often get far too complex.  but the way charlie phrases the issue
could much more easily be used for things i would not support than
for things i would.


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