The need for smaller protocol specifications

Melinda Shore mshore at
Mon Jun 9 18:45:45 CEST 2003

> Chairs I have to ask where are you at with the above two bullets if
> adopted they clearly require a change and action by the IESG. 

The charter is very specific in excluding defining solutions
from the scope of our work.  To the extent that solutions
have been discussed here it's been 1) to help frame our
understanding of the problems, and 2) to try to figure out
what to do about "short-term" problems that can be fixed
without the overhead involved with starting up a new working
group.  The latter certainly excludes any kind of IESG

Allow me to point out that the more focused we remain on our
two documents the more quickly we can get them wrapped up
and move on to whatever solutions phase/process/what-have-
you we've identified.


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