Trusting the IESG to manage the reform process (was:Re:Doingthe Right Things?)

Dave Crocker dhc at
Sun Jun 8 23:29:25 CEST 2003


RB> good point.  most of what i hear is similar to crocker's "the iesg
RB> is imposing it's view of quality," not the iesg is delaying
RB> documents for reasonsa we don't understand.

What is really ironic is that you did not see that I was pointedly being
polite, since the latter explanation you cite would mean that the IESG
is not even being clear about its reasons and hence could be operating

And, indeed, that is a common thread of concern that is expressed by all
those worker bees that you have dismissed as wussing out.

But that's ok. Since you believe area directors are not inventing their
quality requirements, please direct folks to the statements of
community-based quality that area directors are working from.

It really would make things quite a bit easier.

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