Trusting the IESG to manage the reform process (was:Re:Doingthe Right Things?)

Randy Bush randy at
Sun Jun 8 18:11:50 CEST 2003

>> rofl!  all the authority and fifteen cents will get you on the
>> subway [0]. 
> I'm not sure what you're saying here. The ADs have immense
> authority--the authority to block documents.

nice hyperbole, but the fact is no one blocks documents, we point
out what we think are problems and ask to discuss them to either
find out we have misunderstood or, should the problem be real,
actually get the problem addressed.  this is the same 'authority'
the author, editor, wg chair, or reviewer has.  big whoopie doo.

the question is what can be done to improve the quality of

> Since companies and WGs spend lots of time and money trying to
> get documents passed, the ability to block

artificial polarization.  as i said above, documents can be called
for discussion by 92.3% of the population.  the problem is that
some authors, editors, wg chairs, ... seem to prefer the lazy but
beauty contest winning path of saying yes to anything and then
hoping the iesg will take the heat for asking the hard questions.


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