ISSUE: Determinants for timeliness missing in section 2.1

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Sun Jun 8 09:47:52 CEST 2003

I also want to see.

ISSUE: "IETF process for PS is an issue for achieving such goal and
affecting time to market delivery of our specifications".  Text from
many mails.


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> Subject: ISSUE: Determinants for timeliness missing in section 2.1
> OK, I'll push two specific issues into the debate today.... 
> first one...
> ISSUE: In section 2.1, "Participants in the IETF do not share 
> a common 
> understanding of its mission", I think there is a bullet 
> missing. The determination of "timely" market is a problem 
> that is not mentioned.
>  SUGGESTED RESOLUTION: Add something like this:
>  o The IETF is unable to determine explicitly what effect it 
> desires to 
> have in the marketplace, and is therefore unable to determine what 
> requirements of timeliness are appropriate to consider when 
> planning work.
> I believe this is a core problem which underlies our commonly 
> occuring 
> inability to have rational discussion about time-to-market vs quality.

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