pausable explanation for the Document Series

Bound, Jim Jim.Bound at
Sun Jun 8 00:40:22 CEST 2003

> now now.  we could aspire to being the microsoft of
> standards. sell a lot of half-baked crap, laugh our way to 
> the bank, and not be able to face ourselves in the mirror.
> randy
> ---
> ps: sorry to pick on microsoft, it's the image.

You should not have done this sir.  I am sorry but you simply cannot do
this anymore. This is very wrong and not right.  Children all over the
world impart have access to the Internet because of Microsoft, Cisco,
Sun, HP, Juniper, Nokia, et al.  To trash them on this very public list
is simply not right.  OK privately but this is not even funny. Realize
there good be person on this list that could influence a procurement and
possibly pause based on a comment here.

You have crossed a line here and I wish you had not done that, I really

In the future can you refrain from calling any vendors parts "crap"?
Especially as an IESG member in this community, and yes that does make
it worse. 


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