ISSUE: Goal of problem-statement document

Bound, Jim Jim.Bound at
Sun Jun 8 00:17:23 CEST 2003

One thing I thing we should ask if we have consensus on and that is the
bar for PS is to high.  Fixing that is a solution we have to work.  But
it should be documented as a problem just based on the fact that it
created much discussion and the issue of maturity levels.  So I think we
found another problem to add.


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> > SUGGESTED RESOLUTION: Change this section to say that the document 
> > attempts to be a basis for consensus on the root causes.
> One of the things that's of concern here is an interest in 
> trying to find ways to make progress in the absence of 
> consensus about each identified problem, the dependency 
> analysis, and a ranking.  We absolutely do believe that the 
> document will provide guidance, but it's reasonable to 
> suspect that it's likely that the only way we'll be able to 
> reach real consensus on some of it is if we dilute the 
> discussion to the point it isn't useful.
> Melinda

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