ISSUE: Procedural rapid ossification

Scott Bradner sob at
Fri Jun 6 17:52:18 CEST 2003

> Since you mention I-D submission deadlines specifically -
> I remember the Munich IETF, and hearing from an IAB member
> who missed the I-D cutoff by several minutes (less than 10), so
> we couldn't discuss the proposal (can't remember if it was a WG
> document or not).

from 2418

7.1. Session documents

   All relevant documents to be discussed at a session should be
   published and available as Internet-Drafts at least two weeks before 
   a session starts.  Any document which does not meet this publication 
   deadline can only be discussed in a working group session with the   
   specific approval of the working group chair(s).  Since it is
   important that working group members have adequate time to review all
   documents, granting such an exception should only be done under      
   unusual conditions.  

the chair can override the deadline if the chair thinks it is important


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