Possibly stupid suggestion (was: Sloppy Charters (was: Re: Discipline of Internet Protocol Engineering)

john.loughney at nokia.com john.loughney at nokia.com
Fri Jun 6 21:17:15 CEST 2003

Hi John,	

> We understand that starts with accepting 
> the fact that we really can't do everything and then moves on to 
> being willing (and anxious) to look closely at any proposal that 
> might plausibly reduce load."  I've heard things pretty close to 
> that (and pretty consistently) from Harald.  But most of the ADs 
> have appeared to me to have been largely silent or to accept the 
> status quo.

Would it be a stupid idea, perhaps, to circulate a short survey
to, for example, IESG members & WG chairs, asking them what problems
& difficulties they have in their 'job'?  Perhaps Harald could
collect these, strip off the names & the WG chairs could talley
them up & see if there are any revealing patterns ...

John L.

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