pausable explanation for the Document Series

Keith Moore moore at
Fri Jun 6 14:16:00 CEST 2003

> >This is the problem statement WG, not the problem resolution WG.
> >Our job is to identify problems, not to argue over the merits of
> >solutions that haven't even been outlined yet.  We have a identified
> >a problem that our standards maturity levels do not match with
> >either industry expectations or IETF energies.  Do you agree with
> >that problem statement or not?
> >
> Yes.  I agree with the statement.
> I want to see a more timely Proposed Standard.  If the "Proposal"
> isn't right, I want to see that we can recycle to new a new Proposed
> Standard.

I want to see us completely re-evaluate our maturity levels.  I think if
we try to tweak the ones we have we'll fail to fix most of the problems
we have with the current setup.  Given that assumption, arguments about
how we are using the existing set of maturity levels aren't terribly

But at any rate the task at hand is to identify the problem, not to
argue about how to fix it.

As for site-local, we need to examine why that got into the IPv6 spec in
the first place without any evidence that it would actually work.  But
that's a separate topic.

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