pausable explanation for the Document Series

Keith Moore moore at
Fri Jun 6 12:12:43 CEST 2003

> >most will buy a system without knowing whether it works or not, and pull
> >their hair out when they have trouble getting it to work in practice, and
> >then guess about who is to blame, and make arbitrary demands about who has
> >to fix it that have nothing to do with the actual cause of the problem.
> >
> Life sucks that way.  It helps to buy from reputable vendors. 

gee, it's tempting, but I'm not going to get into an argument about which
vendors are reputable.  suffice it to say that for kinds of the products I
buy, there are none.  YMMV.

> >NOBODY has said anything about requiring things to be perfect, so stop
> >accusing people of that.  What has been repeatedly suggested is that the
> >criteria for maturity levels should be better matched with industry
> >expectation and IETF energy levels.  What's wrong with that?
> >
> But when you hear that industry has expectations about timeliness
> you seem to go nonlinear.  

nope.  it's when I hear suggestions that we should lower the quality of our
output even further because we're supposedly trying to make it "perfect" that
I go nonlinear.

> Furthermore, I suggest that IETF processes
> demotivate and drain the energy of otherwise enthusiastic IETF engineers.

agree entirely.  but I propose that we fix the process to make better use 
of those energies rather than simply relaxing our criteria in the interest
of timeliness.

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