Staying on Track (Re: Documenting pilots (RE: pausable explanation for the Document Series))

Melinda Shore mshore at
Fri Jun 6 10:24:36 CEST 2003

> Are people happy enough with those documents that we're
> ready to publish them and move on?  If so, let's do
> that. If not, please send feedback on the documents to
> this list, and keep solutions discussions on the solutions
> mailing list.

I'm also very concerned about keeping the documents moving
forward, but I do think that the notion of what we need to
do about short-term solution efforts that would be hampered
by the overhead associated with working group creation do
need to be addressed and I think some interesting ideas have
been popping out of the discussion.

One of the problems with the discussion, however, is that we
still don't have a way to accommodate ad-hoc, short-lived,
individual voluntary, or what-have-you efforts, and that
does need to be dealt with.  Personally (i.e. not as chair)
I'm not crazy about things like what's going on with the
SIRS proposal (going off and collecting volunteers without
real agreement from the cohort that this is a good thing to
do) because it feels pre-emptive and unco-operative, but on
the other hand given our decision-making structure I'm not
sure what the alternatives are if anything is going to
happen in real time.  If anybody has wisdom about how to do
short-term efforts within the IETF, this would be an
excellent time to discuss it.


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