Document Series

Keith Moore moore at
Wed Jun 4 15:44:50 CEST 2003

> > What we need to do is find a way for
> > standards to at least the level that is currently required for PS
> > more quickly, not to lower the bar for PS.  
> Fully agree.
> > We might even need to raise the bar slightly.
> Do you mean that we are frequently releasing PS documents that contain
> significant defects? We certainly can't expect PS documents to be
> perfect.

of course not.  what I mean is that if we realize that PS in effect is
taken as "ready for deployment" (which seems to be how the industry
interprets it), then maybe we really do need to expect some level of
implementation and interop testing before we approve something as PS.

in general I think earlier implementation would be a good thing -
it would help groups be more honest about the difficulty of implementing
some of these things.

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