Cutting through the accumulating sludge (was: Re: Doing the Right Things? and/or WG Quality Processes WG)

Randy Bush randy at
Mon Jun 2 21:09:28 CEST 2003

> I am suggesting that, if there seems to be general sympathy on 
> the list (or otherwise) for this, that the relevant AD just do 
> it --or delegate it to the WG Chairs or an appointed 
> coordinator-- to do it.  The authority is there; nothing in the 
> current procedures requires us to find a tree and dance around 
> it in a circle while chanting "rough consensus and running 
> code", or to create a charter and WG, before doing anything.

i think we really do not have a clear vision of what we should
be doing, so it is easier to talk about the processes and enemies
of doing it.  no blame.  this is extremely difficult stuff.

i keep thinking of the analog to how some engineering companies
dealt with the conflicts/tensions of staying nimble while
undergoing large growth.  

digital equipment tried to maintain a dynamic engineering culture
while growing massively.  it did not work.

hp is still trying, but has become more and more stodgy and has not
stayed lively and dynamic.

intel may be the most successful.  one key to this success is not
touching anything that does not have at least a 40% margin.  i.e.,
they say "no" to a lot of bright ideas.  i do not believe that we
have the culture to do that.


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