Stringency (RE: 12 problems)

Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at
Thu Jan 16 10:31:10 CET 2003

--On torsdag, januar 16, 2003 06:28:32 +0200 john.loughney at wrote:

> Harald,
> Any stats of how long I-Ds take from WG Last Call completed to being
> shipped to the RFC editor?  If this was examined over time, we may have a
> better metric to see about IESG stringency ... If the this time has been
> ballooning - especially in relation to other parts of a document's
> lifetime, then we should assume there is some problem.  If it is not
> dramatically increasing, then perhaps stringency would not be a problem.

Unfortunately the stats in the ID-tracker haven't been around long enough 
to make sensible trend lines.
A few years back, Henning Schultzerinne made scripts chewing through the 
Internet Monthly Report ( to generate stats on the 
time between -00 version publication, IETF-wide Last Call and RFC 
publication - that's the source of the frequently quoted statistic that 
"time has gone from 6 months to 2 years".

I've CCed him on this message; if he still has the scripts, and is willing 
to share, we could get at least those numbers back again....


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