Complex Problems

Scott W Brim swb at
Thu Jan 9 11:46:55 CET 2003

On Thu, Jan 09, 2003 07:22:00AM +0200, john.loughney at allegedly wrote:
> You raise a very important issue here.  If in 1996, there was a lot
> of input on architectural issues but last year there was very little - 
> what is going on?  Is it that people don't care anymore, are the burnt
> out, or the stress of everyone's day job's is too much?  For some
> reason, it may be so that people are less committed to these principles.
> Do we need to re-energize folks on this or is it the communities feeling
> that this is someone else's problem - or could it just be that folks
> need to be educated on this?

I think the difference is that in 1996 we knew what the knowledge was,
we were mostly codifying it.  The problems had been discussed for ages
before 1958 was published.  (Also, perhaps, in those days there was less
money involved, and people had more time to work on architecture?)

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