Complex Problems

Margaret Wasserman mrw at
Wed Jan 8 10:24:18 CET 2003

Hi Marshall,

>so, i think we agree in that we need to develop an infrastructure to
>work on "macro-architecture", but i really want to emphasize it needs to
>be done outside of the IETF's existing WG structure...

In what way is this inconsistent with Harald's message which said:

>- we aren't sure how to solve the problem, or don't know
>how big the problem is, or we're not sure how it interacts with other
>things: We tend to create some mechanism that doesn't quite fit with our
>defined structure.
>The mechanisms include long-lived WGs (IPv6), ad-hoc or new areas (SNMP,
>SIP/SIPPING/SIMPLE), non-area directorates (Wireless, DNS) and more.
>We the IETF might want to think about whether we want to have formal
>constructs that fit better into this space than "areas" or "WGs".

Is it possible that I could be in total agreement with both of you?


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