IETF Problem WG Charter Discussion

john.loughney at john.loughney at
Wed Jan 8 15:06:30 CET 2003

Hi Avri,

> How about Re-charter or Disband WG.  I don't want to presuppose
> the contents of the process recommendation.

I thought that we are working on the definting the problem, not
the process recomendation.  I think we need to clearly scope that
this working group is for documenting the problems only.  I have
already been unhappy that many people on the list are developing
solution before there is any common understanding of the problem.
Working groups who work on solutions before defining the problems
that they are trying to solve often run into problems.

> Though, of course, this is the default condition for all WG even
> if we rarely see it happen.

I think this is one where we want to be explicit.


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