Complex topics (RE: Formalizing Design Teams)

Natale, Robert C (Bob) bnatale at
Mon Jan 6 11:45:24 CET 2003

Hi Melinda,

[Sorry for the blank Subject header on my earlier response
...I've been having real cut-n-paste lapses recently. :-(]

> Perhaps something that needs to be discussed is how complex
> problems can be analyzed and by whom, and how that relates
> to the architecture problem.

Agreed.  That's related to what I have suggesting...with
the further suggestion that more assertive leadership
on the part of the IAB, IESG, and WG chairs would be
helpful...additionally, perhaps we ought to take the
notion of "Steering Group" a bit farther and institute
complex-problem-based SGs...longer-lived than WGs and
having overall guidance responsibility for a given
body of complex-problem-related work across one or
more WGs in one or more Areas.  If that were considered
a good idea, then I think such complex-problem-based
SGs could be formed from some problem-appropriate
subset of IAB members, ADs, and WG leadership (perhaps
going beyond just WG chairs in this case)...that is,
something somewhat analogous to how we use "design
teams" on the other end of the problem spectrum...?

[I know this use of "Steering Group" might resemble
what some other standards bodies call "Study Group".
I'm personally comfortable with either term for the



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