Selection of chairs for the problem-statement effort

Harald Tveit Alvestrand
Fri, 03 Jan 2003 08:54:01 +0100

After consulting with various people, I have asked Avri Doria and Melinda 
Shore to take on the task of negotiating a charter for the 
problem-statement group and guiding it to a successful result.

Thanks to everyone who nominated, everyone who volunteered, and everyone 
who gave feedback on the nominees. Your cooperation was much appreciated!

As a reminder, the charter proposal I had earlier posted is reproduced 
Further refinement is now in the hands of the chairs-to-be.

Thanks to Avri and Melinda for taking this on!

                       Harald Alvestrand

Problem Statement (problem)


General Area Director(s):
Harald Tveit Alvestrand <>

General Area Advisor:
Harald Tveit Alvestrand <>

Mailing List:
General Discussion:
To Subscribe:        mail to

Description of Working Group:

Discussions over the last couple of months have revealed a significant 
number of thoughts about problems that exist with the way the IETF operates.
In advance of trying to change the IETF procedure rules to deal with these 
problems, it would be a Good Thing to have a clear, agreed-upon description 
of what problems we are trying to solve.

This group is charged with bringing forth the document describing those 

The intent is that the group will discuss issues on its mailing list, and 
that there will be an editing team to produce a clear, concise problem 
statement that the group can have consensus on, and present to the IETF as 
a basis for an IETF consensus.

As a second work item, the group will also produce a proposal for a process 
to find solutions to the problems identified.

It is not a part of this group's charter to propose solutions to the 

The work will be reviewed in plenary at the IETF.

Goals and Milestones:

Dec 02 Group formed
Jan 03 First I-D of problem statement issued
Mar 03 Problem statement reviewed at the IETF Plenary
Mar 03 Proposal for further work reviewed at the IETF Plenary
May 03 Problem statement submitted for RFC publication