General comment on draft-ietf-problem-statement-00.txt

Keith Moore moore at
Fri Feb 28 13:04:05 CET 2003

On Fri, 28 Feb 2003 11:14:57 -0600
"Spencer Dawkins" <sdawkins at> wrote:

> I agree with Keith that there probably ARE mis-characterizations 
> and omissions in the draft, especially in the detailed descriptions 
> (there was no admission control, right), but would suggest that we 
> try to minimize the time we spend fixing mis-characterizations and 
> omissions in anticipation that the Solutions team will use the Problem 
> draft as a starting point, and choose the parts they can imagine 
> solutions for - so there will be a filter at that point, in any case.

strongly disagree.  if we follow this path there is considerable risk that
'solutions' will be found to things that are not problems and that those
'solutions' will create an environment that is worse than the status quo.  it
is essential to get a comprehensive problem statement, and you can't do that
once you start arguing about solutions.


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