General comment on draft-ietf-problem-statement-00.txt

Brian E Carpenter brian at
Fri Feb 28 11:04:10 CET 2003

Firstly I'd like to congratulate Elwyn and the team on pulling
all this together in good time for the meeting. I'm glad I didn't 
have to read it on the plane.

I like the notion of separating root cause problems from the full
list of problems, but I would prefer to see the full list, in headline
form, as part of the main text, i.e. as section 3. The reason for this
is to ensure that when we get to the stage of spinning off solutions
work, we don't forget the specific problems. I agree with leaving
a lot of the details in an Appendix.

I'm going to debate one of the root cause problems (#2.4) in a 
separate message, but the others seem to me to be correct. 

My greatest concern is that we make *very* rapid progress with this
draft, i.e. do a revision immediately after the IETF, and then
decisively agree to publish it as "good enough", ready move on to
the solutions stage at the July IETF. Let's make this the shortest
lived WG any of us can remember.


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