Cross-Area Review (was: Fwd: RE: A follow up question

Keith Moore moore at
Fri Apr 25 10:25:10 CEST 2003

> One of the questions here is why the mechanisms that we have today
> don't always work.

often you can't tell where a group is going from looking at the charters and

who has the time to read a WG's mailing lists and internet-drafts and figure
out whether the group is going in a direction that's going to cause problems
for other interests?  that's a *lot* of text for something that you don't have
a direct interest in.

then again, the issues with zeroconf were identified in multiple BOFs that
preceded the group's creation, cautionary words were written in the charter,
and the group basically ignored all of the direction it was given.

so yes, I think we need mechanisms in addition to those that we have - in
particular, we need something between the BOFs and charters on one hand and
Last Call on the other.


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