My thoughts about the problems of the IETF

Dave Crocker dhc at
Thu Apr 17 14:42:55 CEST 2003


CEP> Up until now, I believe it is the case that
CEP> every appeal has failed.

This is not merely wrong, but it is VERY wrong.

I filed one of the first appeals, roughly 9 years ago, in order to break
a blockage in bringing the NFS middleware specifications into the IETF.

The IAB's handling of that appeal did, in fact, prompt completion of the
formalities to that process.  Hence, it was a success.

To touch the other end of the timelikne, as I recall, we very recently
had an appeal to the IESG, that the IESG approved.

One might go down the path of quibbling whether there are "too many"
appeal failures, but that is a very different discussion than claiming
that all appeals fail.

It has always been very clear to me that appeals are handled very
carefully, attending to both the legitimacy of the complaint and the
sensitivity of the situation.  (And, no, this has nothing to do with
whether anyone personally agrees with a particular appeal outcome. My
point is that the IETF appeal process is real and valid.)

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