My thoughts about the problems of the IETF

Keith Moore moore at
Thu Apr 17 11:26:26 CEST 2003

> > it's very clear that WGs in general and WG chairs in particular already
> > have too much power - this is why IESG is under such a strain to try to
> > curb their excesses.  It's 13 people against the mobs.
> I have to agree with John and Margarent: I don't think the above
> statement reflects the true state of the IETF.
> But I do find Keith's statement interesting. If this really were
> the problem, what would be the solution? A 13 person IETF? ;-)
> And a telnet-and-ftp-only Internet? I'm sure it would be consistent
> and pure, but also not very useful for the general public.

working groups that produce harmful output aren't useful for the general
public either.

I'm still trying to understand the shape of a solution, given that these days
about the only people who can participate in our organization are those with
short-term, narrowly-focused goals.  It's too time-consuming and too expensive
for almost everyone else.  

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