Registration of media type application/its+xml

Bjoern Hoehrmann derhoermi at
Wed Apr 21 14:29:42 CEST 2010

* Felix Sasaki wrote:
>> The registration is based on an obsoleted template. Could you resubmit
>> it using the RFC 4288 template? (In particular, the field names have
>> changed, and some fields have been split into multiple fields).
>Yes, will do.


>> >Applications which use this media type:
>> >    This new media type is being registered to allow for deployment of ITS
>> >1.0 on the World Wide Web.
>> This should give an idea what kinds of applications use the media type
>> (revision control software, word processing software, ...)
>Propose to add: "ITS 1.0 information can be used e.g. by localization tools
>to extract localizable units (e.g. text strings) as an input to the
>localization process."

That would be fine, something shorter like "Localization tools" would
do, too.

>> >Additional information:
>> >    File extension:
>> >        its
>> >    Fragment identifiers:
>> >        A syntax identical to that of "application/xml" as described in
>> >RFC 3023.
>> RFC 3023 does not define fragment identifier syntax for application/xml.
>OK - I propose to leave the "Fragment identifiers" part out.

Works for me.

>> >    Base URI:
>> >        As specified in IETF RFC 3023, section 6.
>> RFC 3023 does not actually say something relevant here, for example, it
>> is unclear whether xml:base is considered for application/its+xml.

(I am assuming, if ITS allows to specify resource identifiers somewhere,
that the specification already defines how they are resolved, in that
case this field could also be left out. That would adress my concern.)

>> I do note that it is not actually clear to me what documents would be
>> labeled with this type, for instance, what would be the root element of
>> such documents?
>Any XML document containing ITS 1.0 "its:rules" elements can be labelled
>with application/its+xml. At
>you see an example of a document linking to a file with ITS 1.0 "rules". The
>link target is at
>as you can see the link target does not have "its:rules" as a root element.
>The processing semantics here is that linked rules are gathered in document

I see. That should be noted in the registration then, I would put it
upfront, but the "Published specification" field would be suitable
aswell. Could there be any confusion for some particular document if
application/its+xml or some other (+xml) type should be used? I'm
thinking of like
situations in particular.
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