Request for review of media sub-type registration request

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Bjoern - Thanks for your suggestions.  I will incorporate them into the next version.

In answer to your question regarding the file extension, the choice of '.xml' facilitates generic XML processing.  RFC3023 talks about this approach extensively.  In particular, an originator who does not have access to a special-purpose application can produce reports and check their schema-validity using only an XML authoring tool.  Likewise for a recipient.

In terms of 'magic numbers', I cannot find an example of a registration request that contains magic numbers for xml documents.  I would be happy to follow an example if you are able to direct me to one.

Thanks again.  All the best.  Tim.

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* Tim Moses wrote:
>Colleagues - The attached draft contains a request for registration of 
>a media sub-type and an XML namespace.  I would very much welcome your 
>guidance on the completeness and correctness of the information it 
>provides prior to formal submission of the draft and the registration 

You incorrectly list 'charset' as required parameter, it should be optional. I believe it is customary to specify the leading '.' in the file name extension. Could you explain why you are using .xml instead of some other extension, or none? I think it would be good to follow the RFC 4288 template more closely, e.g., use "Magic number(s)" with the trailing "(s)", write "limited use" in all-uppercase, etc. I don't think the reference to RFC 3023 is useful in its current form, but I'd have to check what other +xml type registrations do to recommend some- thing better.
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