Media types for RDF languages N3 and Turtle

Garret Wilson garret at
Mon Dec 17 20:50:23 CET 2007

Sean B. Palmer wrote:
> Perhaps, as Dan Connolly suggested on IRC, some civil disobedience of
> RFC 2046 is called for here--as long as we're sure that this won't
> cause any security or interoperability problems that would make it not
> worth the effort.

I would wholeheartedly be in favor of that course, as long as we:

* thoroughly document what we're doing, explaining why we're doing it;
* publicize what we're doing; and
* encourage others to follow suit.

I don't think waiting for an RFC 2046 replacement would be productive, 
but I also don't think it's helpful if we do this in some dark, obscure 
corner. Let's do the Right Thing, yet try to get everyone to follow.


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