Media Type Request for comments: WS-CDL 1.0

Martin Duerst duerst at
Fri Nov 18 09:54:52 CET 2005

Hello Yves,

Some comments below.

At 00:35 05/11/16, Yves Lafon wrote:
 >     Notes:
 >     We slipped up in not sending this along with the Last Call
 >     announcement; please accept our apologies.
 >     Comments on the MIME-related part of the document may be made
 >     on the ietf-types mailing list or in the
 >     public-ws-chor-comments at mailing list..  See the
 >     "Status of this Document" section for further information.
 >     We are following
 >     here, and the text is written to be part of a larger document.
 >     Finally, as WS-CDL is a description format and not something directly
 >     executable, the Working Group didn't identify any need for a
 >     specific security section.

You need a security section, even just to describe why you think
there are no security issues, and to document that you actually
thought this through.

 >The current specification is at:
 >The MIME Type template at

That's good info, but it needs to be *inside* the registration
template. That may make the registration template in the spec
look a bit weird (explicitly referring to the document
itself in textual form inside the document), but is
absolutely necessary to allow the template to be taken
out and stand on its own.

 >One typo already spotted, in the Author/Change controller, should be a link with a text value of "Web 
Services Choreography Working Group".
 >Registration of MIME Media Type application/cdl+xml
 >MIME media type name:
 >     application

Whatever kind of formatting you use, please make sure
that the empty line comes between the field value and
the next field name, not between the field name and
the associated value.

 >MIME subtype name:
 >     cdl+xml
 >Required parameters:
 >     none
 >Optional parameters:
 >     charset
 >         This parameter has identical semantics to the charset parameter 
of the "application/xml" media type as specified in RFC 3023 [RFC 3023].
 >Encoding considerations:
 >     Identical to those of "application/xml" as described in RFC 3023 
[RFC 3023], section 3.2.
 >Security considerations:
 >     WS-CDL has the same security considerations described in RFC3023 
[RFC 3023], section 10.
 >Interoperability considerations:
 >     There are no known interoperability issues.
 >Published specification:
 >     This document

This is where you have to provide full and explicit information,
both the title and the URI of the document. Providing the title

Providing the title of the document will also help people
understand what CDL stands for.

Regards,    Martin.

 >Applications which use this media type:
 >     No known applications currently use this media type.
 >Additional information:
 >     File extension:
 >         CDL
 >     Fragment identifiers:
 >         Identical to that of "application/xml" as described in RFC 3023 
[RFC 3023], section 5.
 >     Base URI:
 >         As specified in RFC 3023 [RFC 3023], section 6.
 >     Macintosh File Type code:
 >         TEXT
 >Person and email address to contact for further information:
 >     Yves Lafon <ylafon at>
 >Intended usage:
 >     COMMON
 >Author/Change controller:
 >     The WS-CDL 1.0 specification is a work product of the World Wide Web 
Consortium's The W3C has change control 
over this specification.
 >Yves Lafon - W3C
 >"Baroula que barouleras, au ti騏 toujou t'entourneras." 

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