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     We slipped up in not sending this along with the Last Call
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     Comments on the MIME-related part of the document may be made
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     We are following
     here, and the text is written to be part of a larger document.

     Finally, as WS-CDL is a description format and not something directly
     executable, the Working Group didn't identify any need for a
     specific security section.

The current specification is at:

The MIME Type template at

One typo already spotted, in the Author/Change controller, should be a link with a text value of "Web 
Services Choreography Working Group".

Registration of MIME Media Type application/cdl+xml
MIME media type name:

MIME subtype name:

Required parameters:

Optional parameters:


         This parameter has identical semantics to the charset parameter of 
the "application/xml" media type as specified in RFC 3023 [RFC 3023].

Encoding considerations:

     Identical to those of "application/xml" as described in RFC 3023 [RFC 
3023], section 3.2.
Security considerations:

     WS-CDL has the same security considerations described in RFC3023 [RFC 
3023], section 10.
Interoperability considerations:

     There are no known interoperability issues.
Published specification:

     This document
Applications which use this media type:

     No known applications currently use this media type.
Additional information:

     File extension:

     Fragment identifiers:

         Identical to that of "application/xml" as described in RFC 3023 
[RFC 3023], section 5.
     Base URI:

         As specified in RFC 3023 [RFC 3023], section 6.
     Macintosh File Type code:


Person and email address to contact for further information:

     Yves Lafon <ylafon at>
Intended usage:

Author/Change controller:

     The WS-CDL 1.0 specification is a work product of the World Wide Web 
Consortium's The W3C has change control 
over this specification.


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