Need decisions on proposed new and updated subtags

Shawn Steele Shawn.Steele at
Thu Jan 12 23:56:34 CET 2017

> > 3. Spanglish variant
> >
> > html 
> >
> > 	Variant: spanglis

> I’ll extend it, but am strongly minded to approve. I don’t find the other arguments convincing, not so far anyway.

I don't object to -spanglis.  

I would not mind a system to encode other combinations, however I don't like the idea of a system as complex as some of the proposals for -t-, and I (& Microsoft, but we're individuals here) are not at all keen on overloading -t- to describe code switching.

I think that there's no harm in registering -spanglis (or other possible requests like -hinglish) even if a more general solution for that concept is agreed upon in the future.


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