Record for Spanglish variant

Luc Pardon lucp at
Fri Jan 6 08:40:29 CET 2017

On 05-01-17 21:42, Doug Ewell wrote:
> My problem with this is that, for purposes of identifying a given
> Spanglish text, it
> (a) may not be feasible to determine, and
> (b) probably is not relevant
> which is the matrix language and which is embedded. Thus we require the
> tag consumer to care about a distinction that he would not otherwise
> care about.

  I didn't read it as a requirement, just a recommendation that he
selects the language prefix with care, not just randomly.

  As I understand it, that means we simply expect him to count the
number of Spanish words and that of English words in his text, and then
choose the prefix that matches the highest count. Just arithmetics, no

  He would definitely care about it if he is publishing in a context
that requires accessibility. If his text consists of 80% English words,
and he tags with "es-spanglis", he would have to mark up 80% of the
words as English. On the other hand, if he tags with "en-spanglis", he
can meet the requirement by tagging only 20%.

  Of course he is free to decide that he doesn't want blind people to
access his writing.



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