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> If it is decided to introduce an extendible mechanism (?), would it be
> sensible to include bilingual dictionaries and phrasebooks as part of
> the same mechanism?

I wouldn't think so. Those have two clearly distinct languages in them, and
should be recorded as such. Any detailed transcription would clearly
separate the two languages at the word or phrase level, and have no problem
doing so. is
one example of Nahautl-Spanish mix; note that bibliographic tagging would
have to record the English as separate from the Nahautl-Spanish. is interesting;
it's mostly Latin, but has English with heavy use of Latin in stage
directions, and (in a distinct tone) "the Pome of a Possum", which starts:

The nox was lit by lūx of lūna,
And ’twas a nox most opportūna
To catch a possum or a coona;
For nix was scattered o’er this mundus,
A shallow nix, et nōn profundus.
On sīc a nox, with canis ūnus,
Two boys went out to hunt for coonus.

That's not clearly taggable with an accurate tag right now.
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