How to add 2 letter language code in ISO 639-1

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According to the ISO 639 Joint Advisory Committee [1]:
> "A language code already in ISO 639-2 at the point of freezing ISO 639-1
> shall not later be added to ISO 639-1. This is to ensure consistency in
> usage over time, since users are directed in Internet applications to
> employ the alpha-3 code when an alpha-2 code for that language is not
> available."

As I read it, it is still possible for an ISO 639-3 language to be added
simultaneously to 639-2 with the same code and to 639-1 with a novel
2-alpha code if it met the other requirements.  However, the chance of an
existing language becoming a major language in the sense of 639-1 is nearly
zero in the short term, though perfectly possible in the long term.

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