Language for taxonomic names, redux

Kent Karlsson kent.karlsson14 at
Sat Feb 25 15:57:25 CET 2017

But language tagging is a kind of semantic markup, at least telling what
language the marked
data is in, and in this case it tells more...

In addition, spell checkers should use the language tag for selecting which
dictionary to use.

With a special (and standard) language tag for scientific species names,
spell checking can use
a special dictionary of known words that occur in scientific species names,
and thus provide spell
guidance for scientific species names. Granted, new such words are invented
constantly, but new
words are introduced in almost all languages, so that is not anything

/Kent Karlsson

Den 2017-02-25 05:31, skrev "Andrew Cunningham" < at>:

> To use language tags to markup terms belonging to a taxonomy, does not seem to
> be an optimal approach.
> Considering most of the conversation and examples has revolved around usage on
> the web, it would seem to make more sense to use semantic markup rather than
> language tagging.
> Andrew

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