Comments on the Request for Khanty

Melinda lyons iso639-3 at
Thu Sep 8 20:40:43 CEST 2016

Dear Doug and Sascha,

As the Registrar for languages under ISO 639-3, I have reviewed the request
for subtags for Khanty. There is a strong possibility that two or three
separate language codes may be needed for these varieties. I have been
trying to locate material that provides the evidence needed to consider
this split.

Based on the earlier concerns about giving a subtag to Elfdalian, we may
want to hold off on the request for Khanty for a few weeks, to determine if
these will receive separate three-letter language tags.

Melinda Lyons
ISO 639-3 RA
SIL International
7500 W. Camp Wisdom Rd.
Dallas, TX 75236
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