Recent subtag requests

Doug Ewell doug at
Fri Sep 2 23:24:39 CEST 2016

It would be good to get some feedback regarding the recent subtag
requests from Sascha Brawer for Khanty and Malayalam. I'll be happy to
post records to match these registration forms once I know if they are
going anywhere.

Feedback that has appeared on the list so far:

1. I noted that 'vakh' is too short, and needs to be replaced with a
subtag 5 to 8 characters long (or a digit plus 3 characters, but that
seems unlikely here).

2. I suggested capitalizing the Description values for the Malayalam
variants, and asked whether there were two orthographies or two reforms
(implying a possible third orthography).

3. Santhosh Thottingal expressed concerns on whether the two Malayalam
variants actually occur in isolation, or whether real-world usage is a
combination of the two.

It looks like these variant subtags are being requested solely to
provide one-to-one mappings to OpenType language system tags. Usually a
case needs to be made that a proposed subtag is needed to tag actual
content, but the Reviewer can judge that.
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