request for subtag for Elfdalian

Martin J. Dürst duerst at
Tue Mar 8 03:01:53 CET 2016

On 2016/03/08 01:09, Peter Constable wrote:

> You're missing my points. The point of mentioning literature isn't to demonstrate sufficient status for 639-2, but rather has to do with the level of development of the variety in question. And by "development", I don't mean its evolution as a linguistically distinct entity, but rather it's attaining a particular functional status as a result of literacy, literature development and standardization.

This somehow made me think again of the situation re. German. In part 3, 
there are various codes to somehow cover the dialectal range of German, 
mostly from North to South. In terms of sociolinguistics, none of these 
varieties is really recognized (one that is recognized, Swiss German, 
doesn't exactly correspond to the often used code (gsw), because the 
code includes parts of South Germany and Alsatian). And nobody really 
cares politically.

Regards,   Martin.

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