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> You might want to read the change request for 2914-007 (Jutish). In this case
> it was a request to deprecate (retire) a code saying it was only a dialect of
> Danish. We rejected the request, based on the quantity of literature that had
> been written in the language. Combining Jutish would reduce the information
> available to those trying to find that particular literature.

It (jut) was annotated as "historical" which seems to be a very doubtful
outcome for a living language/dialect. Though many dialects are fading,
this/these (or at least the Southern Jutish variant) does have a champion
organisation, Æ Synnejysk Forening (, and the Jutish
dialects are still in use. However, listening to some samples,, it/they appear(s) to me to be, ahem,
dialect(s) of Danish, not a separate language. Ok, Danish is not my forté,
and Jutish (jysk dialects) do seem to have some, for Nordic languages,
unique features (like using definite article instead of an inflection, and
just one grammatical gender). But if someone were to measure (somehow)
distance from "standard Danish", I'm sure the distance is not even near as
far as between standard modern Swedish and Älvdalian.
> There is also a very long statement on Valencian which was not given a code in
> 2006. 

I think there is fairly general agreement that Valencian (though
"standardised" apart from Catalonian) is a dialect of Catalonian. Very
different from the case of Älvdalian.

/Kent K

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