Appeal to ISO 639 RA in support of Elfdalian

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Den 2016-03-01 09:30, skrev "Mats Blakstad" <mats.gbproject at>:

> As I see it Norwegian and Swedish (and Danisih) are almost like dialects of
> the same language, I guess they are more considered as different languages
> because we have 3 different nations :) However, tests shiw distance between
> Swedish and Elfdalian is as big as the distance between Swedishand Icelandic

For those of you that did not have the energy to read all of my long message
yesterday, here's the final part (note: long lines!). For more details, see
my message from yesterday.

                                    North Germanic
     Insular Nordic (Old North Nordic)  ||||
              ||         |||            ||||
              ||         |||            ||||             ------North
Nordic-------                 ||| South Nordic
              ||         |||            ||||              ||          ||
|                  |||
Icelandic (C) || Faroese ||| Älvdalian  ||||  Swedish (D) || Nynorska ||
Bokmål | Danish (written) ||| Danish (spoken)

   [Except for Älvdalian, these have language codes;
    for Danish: 'da'/'dan' and 'jut' for the Jutish dialect/language;
    though there is no "macro-language" code. Strangely 'jut'
    is marked as "historical" in ISO 639 reg., but (correctly)
    as "vigorous" in Ethnologue. So it is not clear if 'da'
    covers 'jut' (though Ethnologue implies so). Though
    I guess 'da' does cover Bornholmian (apprx. modernised
    Old Scanian, "east Danish") as Ethnologue implies.]

(C) Revitalised and "modernised" Old (West) Norse.

(D) Including (e.g.) modern Scanian (NOT(!!!) "east Danish") and
    modern Dalecarlian and modern Gutnish. From a historic perspective
    one also does the additional divisions into "New Swedish"
    (apprx. 1600-1900) and "Now Swedish" ("nusvenska", modern
    Swedish) (1900-now). 'sv' should apply only to "Now Swedish".


/Kent K

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