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On May 13, I wrote:

> This set excludes two name changes for 'aot' and 'dri' listed in the
> document under "No number", not because there is no number, but
> because those changes don't appear to have been implemented in the ISO
> 639-3 data files. I've sent the 639-3 Registrar a note asking about
> these.

We had already made the change for 'aot' last year.

Along with the addition of the Elfdalian code element, the new ISO 639-3
data files posted last week also included the fix for 'dri'. This is a
change in capitalization of the name. Look closely.


File-Date: 2016-xx-xx
Type: language
Subtag: dri
Description: C'Lela
Added: 2009-07-29



1. Name of requester: Doug Ewell
2. E-mail address of requester: doug at ewellic.org

3. Record Requested:

Type: language
Subtag: dri
Description: C'Lela

4. Intended meaning of the subtag:

5. Reference to published description of the language (book or article):

6. Any other relevant information:

This registration tracks a change made to ISO 639-3 effective
2016-01-15, changing the capitalization of the reference name for code
element 'dri' from "C'lela" to "C'Lela".

For more information on the ISO 639-3 change, refer to:

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