ISO 638-5 some comments

Doug Ewell doug at
Wed Jul 20 03:57:36 CEST 2016

Melinda Lyons wrote:

> Two things have not been mentioned in the discussions that I have seen
> on this list. One is that the ISO 639 (parts 1 to 5) are all in a
> revision process at present.

Hopefully this list will find out in a timely manner if any big changes 
are approved that would affect BCP 47.

> One comment yesterday indicated that all languages were covered by
> either a part 2 or a part 5 code. This is not true. There are some
> small groups of languages (in Siberia, at least) that are not covered
> by either a group code or an individual one. These would be given the
> general code [mis] for uncoded (miscellaneous) languages. These
> languages do have a part 3 code.

Yeah, that was me. I can try to use the excuse that I was counting [mis] 
as part of the system for covering all languages. I'm not convinced, 
though, so I doubt anyone else will be.

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