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Tue Jul 19 21:38:08 CEST 2016

Two things have not been mentioned in the discussions that I have seen on
this list. One is that the ISO 639 (parts 1 to 5) are all in a revision
process at present. If you come to a consensus of what you would like to
see in expanding or reducing the codes in part 5, it would behoove you to
submit your comments to Mr. Christian Galinski who is currently Chair of
the revision committee. Those of us in the committee meetings know of some
places the part 5 codes are used, but we agree that they are not a complete
or well-thought set.

Many of you know that the original part 5 codes came from the library
practice of having collection codes for groups of languages that were of
interest to libraries and their patrons. One comment yesterday indicated
that all languages were covered by either a part 2 or a part 5 code. This
is not true. There are some small groups of languages (in Siberia, at
least) that are not covered by either a group code or an individual one.
These would be given the general code [mis] for uncoded (miscellaneous)
languages. These languages do have a part 3 code.

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