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Spanglish seems extra strange to me.  This happens to lots of families that are exposed to a 2nd language though.  Maybe not usually printed, however my family has a lot of borrowed German that we use occasionally.  Some words we don't even consider an English equivalent.

And... it seems like there is a lot of variation in here.  If I read some English text, it's going to vary a bit (though en-US, en-GB can help set my expectations).  My limited understanding is that Spanglishes vary quite a bit more.

How much English does it have to have to count?  Lots of books have some words in another language.  Some sci-fi stuff I've read borrows nearly as much Japanese as that quote does English, yet the book is "English".

Not this case, but the discussion touched on bilingual texts as well (like with side-by-side translations), to me, seem like they should be tagged instead with two codes.  Similarly, I would think that text with runs that were not in the primary language of the text could tag those sections?  (Like if there was a primarily English text with paragraphs from another language, perhaps as examples).


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An example of Spanglish (from a published translation of The Little Prince):

Cuando yo tenía seis años, encontré un beautiful dibujo en un book llamado True cuentos sobre una jungle. El book mostraba una boa constrictora tragándose un wild animal. Esta es la copia del dibujo.

El book decía: ‘La boa constrictora se traga sus presas whole, sin masticarlas. Después ellas son incapaces de movimiento.
Después ellas sleep por seis meses while hacen la digestión.’

That me puso a pensar sobre todas las cosas que están en la jungle, y, con una crayola, yo hice mi primer dibujo. Lo llamé drawin número uno. Él looked así...
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